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Bang The Bore XII: Coded Transmissions

The full line-up has been announced, Tim Hodgkinson from Henry Cow! Joe Evans who works with microtonal scales and mathematical algorithms. Spoils and Relics who make fantastic physical noise. Magical Parents will be playing found object percussion to juxtapose the idea of mathematical synthesis as art.

Pheme’s words have breathed life into Aghartha; she is on the bill.


The hollow flux

Esotericism flows, manifested as phenomena it is matterless flux. As religion and science are to mass, esotericism is to energy, proportional only by time (the speed of light). Manifest as a ‘blind’ Aghartha was a fleetingly accepted scientific theory. It has been a common occurrence through time; for Rumour to trick men of God and Men of science. A miscalculation, a vivid dream, a lie, may permeate into the world of matter and, for a moment, energy and mass are united. Unity; gnosis. The hollow earth is an ancient folly, Newton’s error gave rise to the scientific theory and Halley, terrified of atheism, was all too willing to give it scope. Through a viscous universe hollow entities may process but their course is not obviously determined. Cyrus Reed Teed’s electrical alchemy provided later opportunity for the politicisation of the hollow earth a theme which has not since ceased. The battle rages on, to occupy the city and determine a singular frame of reference.

Astronomer Royal, Halley, grasping his diagram of the hollow earth.

Aghartha tells the story of lost worlds and the creation of duality within a single sphere. I fear we are there now, that the cosmic spheres have been replaced by electrical nodes. The ether is thick with electricity which we cannot escape, and the synarchy of harmonious rule has been replaced by  the synarchy of idealogical progress.


Zines – Antwerp and Manchester

Keen Zine – Space Keen

Space Keen is bolted together and wrapped in plastic. Each page is a world of its own, occasionally a moon in the form of a transparency completes the orbit. The sounds of Keen’s universe are as diverse and beautiful as the sights and nestled in the back of the zine is a 16 track CD which is rewarding to listen to due to the mixture of styles. Space can be lonely but Keen is bursting with the possibilities it provides, it may be dark but it isn’t empty.

*********************Saturn is nestled in the back *********************

OWT – Science

I was given Science as a gift, the copy chosen for me was Helium …

OWT is a Manchester based collective of artists who gather and present work from across the northwest of England. It contains whimsical ideas about biology mixed with simple chemical formulae and most pleasingly the inclusion of alchemy. Seemingly abstract concepts have been presented in ways I wouldn’t imagine in a pleasing collection of techniques and textures. I would like to get my hands on other copies of this zine in particular #9 ‘Chance’.

******************Saturn is absent *********************

A-tonal address to the control of chaos, boundary conditions, or something…

Time as a spatial dimension, flux of time

The arrow shows us motion, it infers time. Imagine that time is not a movement inferred by the arrow, but it is the form of the arrow itself. It is an integral part of the space you inhabit. Before the beginning there was no end, all time occurred at a single point, that single (dimensionless) point contained all space. Unity, perfection, God.

The fall was the creation of duality,  in enthalpy and entropy, mass and energy, time and space, man and god. At the point of mitosis the separation becomes endless and infinite, the single point becomes irrelevant and forgotten. Man’s grasp of the spatial dimensions is well developed; however, time, entropy, energy and chaos are still poorly defined without the endless equations of Arcana Physika.

The arrow enables us to infer flux, the flow of mass (or space) through (with) time. The sigil of time is unnoticed but so necessary for man to exist, as he does, as a temporal being.

A bad scan of an attempt to depict flux as time in pencil and felt tip


Chronos -> Cronus -> Saturn




What is the esoteric meaning of the arrow, how did it come to be? The arrow in astrology -> means action rather than physicality (e.g. Mars – action over divine spirit).


Science – Symmetry

Crystallise your blood and transform light into an alternate space.

Art – Subblue

Haeckel Astrophyton darwini - Subblue

The ‘strange attractor’ is referenced frequently in chaos magic circles, infinite but bounded, they form the basis of our understanding of deterministic chaos (in the case of the Lorentz attractor). The complex nature of strange attractors results in a fractal structure. Fractals are self-similar infinitely repeating patterns with an innate beauty that has been represented in art long before Mandelbrot’s seminal publication in 1975. An example of fractal music is the first Bourree in Bach’s cello suite no.3, below is a recording of the piece played by Rostropovich, arguably one of the greatest cellists of the last century.

With an understanding of the mathematical form of fractals, far more complex visual art has been produced since the early 80’s. I was recently introduced to the work of Subblue, who performs experiments with spherical coordinates to produce ‘mandelbulbs’ whose appearance is strangely biological, resembling highly symmetrical virus capsids. Just as artistic thought is inherent in scientific discovery, scientific thought is implicit in his artistic creations and in this way the feedback mechanism between the two seemingly distinct disciplines is exposed.

Left - Mandelbulb, Right - Icosohedral Virus Capsid