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A song for Mary

Mary Bateman was was executed for murder 203 years ago. Her humiliating posthumous punishment is ongoing, her remains are displayed as a tawdry attraction at the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds. Today I am accompanying the vocal beauty of Layla Bert Smith (Wyrd England Gazetteer), we play with the hope of setting her free:


O! What do ye Wesh i’ the Beck

George H. Cowling

“O! What do ye wesh i’ the beck, awd wench?
Is it watter ye lack at heame?”
It’s nobbut a murderer’s shrood, young man,
A shrood for to cover his weam.(1)

“O! what do ye cut i’ the slack, awd hag?
Is it fencin’ ye lack for your beas'(2)?”
It’s nobbut a murderer’s coffin, sir,
A coffin to felt(3) his feace.”

“O! what do ye greaye(4) at the crossroads, witch?
Is it roots ye lack for your swine?”
“It’s nobbut a murderer’s grave, fair sir,
A grave for to bury him fine.”

“An’ whea be-owes(5) coffin an’ shrood, foul witch?
An’ wheas is the grave i’ the grass?”
“This spell I hae woven for thee, dear hairt,
Coom, kill me, an’ bring it to pass.”

1. Belly. 2. Beasts, cattle.. 3. Hide.
4. Dig 5. Owns,


Science – The Uncle of Chaos.

In the early 1980’s the idea of chaos permeated the veil that separates science and magic. A few talented individuals started pulling threads in the veil and the rational and irrational began to co-exist. This utilization of science in the occult has perhaps lost its way, quantum mechanics is brandished as a sword by countless charlatans and the esoteric paths appear to be have been deflected once more towards art. This apparent void between science and art must be rectified  if the esoteric will is to be unified with modern thought. This is not a trivial aim but something which has, in the past, produced beautiful results. I am trying to create simple artistic expressions based on the scientific ideas I utilise on a daily basis. The long-term project ‘auto-mechanical fixation’ will be punctuated by interpretations of scientific theory .

The history of chaos is well documented, however, the role of Jaques Salomon Hadamard is rarely given the attention it deserves. His mathematical prowess enabled chaos to be aligned with quantum theory. [1] In the early 80’s the art of the irrational became scientific, as quantum mechanics is truly counter-intuitive. Thus the irrational, the unimaginable became a game of numbers, logical. It was, however, not Hadamard’s influence on chaos that attracted me so much to his work, but the simplistic beauty of the transform which takes his name. Below you can see and hear a matrix constructed for the purpose of transforming data.

Hadamard in D-minor

Hadamard in monochrome

eleven by eleven

p.s. Watch the sky tonight, the oldest science will show her beauty in the perseids.

[1] http://prl.aps.org/abstract/PRL/v61/i5/p483_1