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Bang The Bore


The Rumour is about to be revealed, the lie that has existed from the beginning of time will manifest itself through me today. I am excited and terrified, there is no burden of shame. Rumour will continue beyond me, she will appear anywhere, everywhere. So Aghartha is coming to life, she sought chaos, without realising chaos sought her. Trouble abounds, rumours, lies. But today I take temporary ownership of the biggest lie and through pheme will share it will anyone who will listen.


Bang The Bore XII: Coded Transmissions

The full line-up has been announced, Tim Hodgkinson from Henry Cow! Joe Evans who works with microtonal scales and mathematical algorithms. Spoils and Relics who make fantastic physical noise. Magical Parents will be playing found object percussion to juxtapose the idea of mathematical synthesis as art.

Pheme’s words have breathed life into Aghartha; she is on the bill.

The hollow flux

Esotericism flows, manifested as phenomena it is matterless flux. As religion and science are to mass, esotericism is to energy, proportional only by time (the speed of light). Manifest as a ‘blind’ Aghartha was a fleetingly accepted scientific theory. It has been a common occurrence through time; for Rumour to trick men of God and Men of science. A miscalculation, a vivid dream, a lie, may permeate into the world of matter and, for a moment, energy and mass are united. Unity; gnosis. The hollow earth is an ancient folly, Newton’s error gave rise to the scientific theory and Halley, terrified of atheism, was all too willing to give it scope. Through a viscous universe hollow entities may process but their course is not obviously determined. Cyrus Reed Teed’s electrical alchemy provided later opportunity for the politicisation of the hollow earth a theme which has not since ceased. The battle rages on, to occupy the city and determine a singular frame of reference.

Astronomer Royal, Halley, grasping his diagram of the hollow earth.

Aghartha tells the story of lost worlds and the creation of duality within a single sphere. I fear we are there now, that the cosmic spheres have been replaced by electrical nodes. The ether is thick with electricity which we cannot escape, and the synarchy of harmonious rule has been replaced by  the synarchy of idealogical progress.


Sounds of Aghartha


A playlist containing all songs referencing Aghartha on youtube. Things are moving forwards but it may take a little while for them to come together. My mind is still stuck in Aghartha.

Images of Aghartha

A collection of images related in some way to my interpretation of Aghartha. I’m not sure how else to describe it at the moment, I think it will conspire to connect to Auto-mechanical fixation.

Elusive Sleep

Past dreams keep the mind reeling, as if they hold the secret of falling. Strange synchronicities and shared pain have shattered any chance of breaking the cycle. The city is all I can think about, its perfect silhouette. Aghartha calls to me once more, I fantasise about the streets, like wires joining infinite nodes, there is no escape from this aether. I can feel the electricity in my body, it poisons me, it keeps me from sleep.

Aghartha – The Metropolis

The city is a dark place, when the buildings are so tall, so dense, that sunlight no longer touches the ground. The spirit becomes electrical, emotion replaced by impulse. Imagine a heart beat, an electrical signal, a digital image.


It is an old story, that within the earth, at its heart, is a city. The city of Aghartha, the archetype of modernity. When trees are replaced by lamp-posts and streams replaced by sewers, the psychology of man must adapt. Many have tried to claim Aghartha, to fly their flag from imaginary turrets. That is their folly.

Aghartha is an internalisation of the concrete labyrinths which imprison him. Man built his own prison, to protect himself, and his own. Before the city there was no fear, but within the city there is a drab security. Outside is anarchy, within synarchy. The cosmic spheres once ruled, now their influence is obscured by the electrical aether. Man must build a city within himself, to protect from the city without.


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[3] Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

[4] The Red Tree, Shaun Tan