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Crystals and Waves

I’ll write more about the gig when I get the recording/video until then, this is the pure sonification of X-ray crystallographic data.

I’ll be joining the institute of stone age sex at the end of March to play in the temple works in Leeds and teh elitist at has asked me to go over to Sweden to play in his local park as part of his university studies which is very exciting. More about these gigs to follow…


Bang The Bore


The Rumour is about to be revealed, the lie that has existed from the beginning of time will manifest itself through me today. I am excited and terrified, there is no burden of shame. Rumour will continue beyond me, she will appear anywhere, everywhere. So Aghartha is coming to life, she sought chaos, without realising chaos sought her. Trouble abounds, rumours, lies. But today I take temporary ownership of the biggest lie and through pheme will share it will anyone who will listen.

Compilers, Collectors, Collaborators & Combinations

I L S E music

I L S E is a labour of love, a non-profit label which distributes beautiful music in a  selection of formats. The collection of releases is breathtaking with many of my favourite artists and wonderful collaborations. The creator and guardian of the label is inspiring, clearly devoted to the purpose he makes no money but does make wonderful music.

Mary Bateman

An old friend recently contacted me about collaborating on a project which will include noise and mischief. The main goal of her project is to release the remains of Mary Bateman from captivity in the Thackray Medical Museum.

Combination of strings 

Sounds of Aghartha

A playlist containing all songs referencing Aghartha on youtube. Things are moving forwards but it may take a little while for them to come together. My mind is still stuck in Aghartha.


A friend of a friend recently showed me this book, I only had time to read one chapter but found the range of wisdom within rousing. I wasn’t expecting to read a description of pythagorean mysticism linked to Rayleigh and the archetype of Rumour. It’s very academic but not at all dry and I think it has something to offer both the esotericist and those with an interest in the origins and perhaps even the psychology of noise.

I intend to invoke Rumour as a representation of the secret that I am trying to share.


Images of Aghartha

A collection of images related in some way to my interpretation of Aghartha. I’m not sure how else to describe it at the moment, I think it will conspire to connect to Auto-mechanical fixation.

Acoustic Chaos

The chaos within the kosmic rather than electrical aether.