The hollow flux

Esotericism flows, manifested as phenomena it is matterless flux. As religion and science are to mass, esotericism is to energy, proportional only by time (the speed of light). Manifest as a ‘blind’ Aghartha was a fleetingly accepted scientific theory. It has been a common occurrence through time; for Rumour to trick men of God and Men of science. A miscalculation, a vivid dream, a lie, may permeate into the world of matter and, for a moment, energy and mass are united. Unity; gnosis. The hollow earth is an ancient folly, Newton’s error gave rise to the scientific theory and Halley, terrified of atheism, was all too willing to give it scope. Through a viscous universe hollow entities may process but their course is not obviously determined. Cyrus Reed Teed’s electrical alchemy provided later opportunity for the politicisation of the hollow earth a theme which has not since ceased. The battle rages on, to occupy the city and determine a singular frame of reference.

Astronomer Royal, Halley, grasping his diagram of the hollow earth.

Aghartha tells the story of lost worlds and the creation of duality within a single sphere. I fear we are there now, that the cosmic spheres have been replaced by electrical nodes. The ether is thick with electricity which we cannot escape, and the synarchy of harmonious rule has been replaced by  the synarchy of idealogical progress.



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