Science Fantasy – Stanislaw Lem

Trurl and Klapaucius are mechanical men, they are the creators. Creators of great (and not so great) machines. Stanislaw Lem captures parts of the world that I have vaguely glimpsed upon and makes them humourous and wonderful. I am in awe of the illustrations – Daniel Mroz appears to have inspired me before I had seen his work and now there is no escape from his influence. His robots are beautiful and complex, melancholic.

News(Possibly an unusual and unnecessary diversion from my usual posts):

I have two live shows lined up for March next year, I’ll be playing both as Aghartha but the themes will deviate a little from Aghartha and Auto-mechanical fixation as neither of those concepts are quite ready yet. I’ll be playing bang the bore in Southampton early on in March, the details of the event haven’t been released yet but I’ll exploring an interpretation of Rumour for my piece (specifically the effect of noise on data). I’ll also be playing a set for an all day noise gig in Leeds on the 24th, the details for this aren’t final yet either but I will be posting information about both of these up when I have it. Any noise people in either of those areas should definitely consider going, the other acts will be really interesting, and there are possibly a few ‘names’ playing at both.

A recent doodle:


9 responses to “Science Fantasy – Stanislaw Lem

  1. The robot illustration, made me think about an illustration of people in a group, in the shape of another larger being.

    • that’s amazingly astute, the story is about a mechanical army with no leader but a physical connection and a want for the same goal, this prevents them from understanding the need to fight and so instead they concentrate on philosophy. It’s about the dissolution of the self into a flux of higher thought, it’s what I call synarchy though that word has many other meanings.

  2. Any plans for playing in Sweden?

  3. Definitely! When are you planning to hold it? And where in Sweden?

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