Zines – Antwerp and Manchester

Keen Zine – Space Keen

Space Keen is bolted together and wrapped in plastic. Each page is a world of its own, occasionally a moon in the form of a transparency completes the orbit. The sounds of Keen’s universe are as diverse and beautiful as the sights and nestled in the back of the zine is a 16 track CD which is rewarding to listen to due to the mixture of styles. Space can be lonely but Keen is bursting with the possibilities it provides, it may be dark but it isn’t empty.

*********************Saturn is nestled in the back *********************

OWT – Science

I was given Science as a gift, the copy chosen for me was Helium …

OWT is a Manchester based collective of artists who gather and present work from across the northwest of England. It contains whimsical ideas about biology mixed with simple chemical formulae and most pleasingly the inclusion of alchemy. Seemingly abstract concepts have been presented in ways I wouldn’t imagine in a pleasing collection of techniques and textures. I would like to get my hands on other copies of this zine in particular #9 ‘Chance’.

******************Saturn is absent *********************

A-tonal address to the control of chaos, boundary conditions, or something…


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