Art – Fluxus

Saturn appears to me often, in my drawings and my mind. It means flux, kronos, time. It is the way matter must flow to reach one moment from the last, and this is the basis for the artistic movement Fluxus. Although in academic circles this movement is considered to be all but dead, musicians and artists are still travelling around Europe (and increasingly the U.S.A.) to perform and exhibit their artwork. A few enthusiastic individuals in my hometown recently arranged such a performance.


With large rusty implements he makes sensual scrap yard noises. Occasional beats are a welcome relief from the distracting oral noise, like wriggling free and running towards the scrap yard gates but then your shoelaces come undone, you trip and there it is again weighing down on top of you.


Loug Ad Thayut, Crank Sturgeon was wilfully hilarious, but I have never heard such beautiful sounds from a ball of string. He created an atmosphere of innocent joy, innocence through penis jokes and crotch torches with candles dripping wax on his purple plastic cock. He had brought some of his contact mics, a friend bought the splug sp for me and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

CRANK STURGEON and I’D M THEFT ABLE have an exhibition (Smell Sound of Forensic Y’s) at the Basement, 31 Queens Road, Brighton until the 4th. I would highly recommend  taking a look if you are in the area.


Ludo Mich is an amazing artist, from his experiments with Holography in the 70s to his current combination of film and haunting noise. His performance was Mesmerising, “Lucifer was an angel once” the words are read from a book with no words. HARAPPIAN NIGHT RECORDINGS WITH PASCAL NICHOLS perfectly accompanied his tortured ranting and their connection had obviously solidified by the time they played in Sheffield. When Ludo plays a second spirit is very obviously present, Chantal Mich laughs and plays along with her energy. They are playing in London tonight at cafe OTO (from a small amount of research I have concluded that this has nothing to do with the oto, can anyone confirm is this correct?).

It was my birthday last weekend and Ludo gave me the painting and book shown in the pictures above. I desperately wanted to give him and Chantal one of my drawings as a wedding gift but I was too scared, perhaps I will include it in a letter to them when they have finished their tour.


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