Art – The platonic solids

I almost drowned in the metropolitan museum of art.

Alone. After a sleepless night, wandering the streets of Manhattan I fell in love with a statue of Isis-Aphrodite. She led me to the pool surrounding the Temple of Dendur. The dark water made irresistible promises. Tuat led me past the pool, towards today, where Richard Serra saved my life:

Untitled, 1971

I became a citizen of a dark abstract world. One with a sense of humour but devoid of lies. A mechanical world which has become increasingly familiar. I suppose at any other time, this may have felt awkward, uncomfortable. But on that day Richard Serra had built a contraption to extract my soul and project it onto the towering walls of the Met.

Two new sculptures by Serra are to be unveiled at the Gagosian Gallery on September the 14th and will be on display until the 26th of November.


2 responses to “Art – The platonic solids

  1. Thanks Andy, I am really enjoying reading your blog.

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